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Day 25: Thomas Broadfoot: Ag Laborer

Day 25: Thomas Broadfoot: Ag Laborer

Photo by Ruth Robb, 2012, used with permission

Thomas Broadfoot, my 2nd great grandfather, is the person I consider "top of my Scots chart" (see below) since my father's family told me that they did not know anything back further than his name and his wife's name. Accepting that, at the time, I wrote his name and the dates they gave me along with his wife, Margaret Harcomb.

I should mention that my father was named after these two people. Thomas Harcomb Broadfoot (1917-1998) was called "Harcomb" by friends and family in the years before he went to high school.

I don't think they knew that he was buried in Dalbeattie Cemetery. I am not sure how far away from his son, John Broadfoot's gravestone this grave is located. The tall trees in the background don't match the background of the other stones.

Thomas was born on 6 January 1829 and baptized the next day in Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland. That document states his parents as John Broadfoot and Mary Reynolds. In 1841, Thomas lives with his parents live in Blackmyre, Kirkmabreck. Thomas is twelve, He has siblings. In March of 1851, the family lives in Hollandbank, Kirkmabreck. 

From his marriage record, we find out that he and Margaret married on 7 November 1851 in that same location. By the way, "Ag Laborer" means agricultural laborer. His occupation is also listed as Cottar.

In Memoriam/Thomas Broadfoot/died 7th February 1899/aged 70 years. Margaret Harcomb/his wife died 9th April 1922 aged 89 years./Mary his daughter died 4th October 1875 aged 4 years & 6 months. Hugh his son died 8th October 1875 aged 19 years & 4 months. 

With the help of David Webster, a well known professional Scottish genealogist, whose online class I took, I know that Thomas had siblings named David (1826), Jane (1832) and John (1837). The last son, John gave the information on Thomas's death record.

Thomas Broadfoot died of pleurisy and pulmonary congestion in Dalbeattie. The story of where they lived and about their children belongs with his wife Margaret.

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