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Day 6: Asleep in Jesus: Jane Hannah

Asleep in Jesus
Jane Hannah's Story
Day 6

Living on High St. in 1881
[information about High St.]

Jane Hannah and John Broadfoot live on High St. in Dalbeattie in 1881 in a private house. On their marriage record, they are both living in Dalbeattie but she is doing "household duties" in her father's household as an occupation. Both are listed as 24 years of age. 

Robert Hannah died at Garden Cottage on High St. in Dalbeattie on 10 Dec 1883 of heart failure. Having this death record of Jane Hannah's father made me re-examine the birth records of his grandchildren,

178 High St. Dalbeattie, 2009

Jane's first child, born in 1877 at 178 High St, was Jane Smith Broadfoot. Named for her late grandmother, she married in Scotland and came to America with her husband and three sons. 

I did know her but at that time (about 1960s) she was a gentle old lady who lived with my aunt and uncle at the end of her life. I didn't know her name wasn't Jean until I found her birth record. She was born at 178 High St. Dalbeattie.

Jane's infant son, lived only 3 3/4 hours. He was born and died at this address in 1878. In 1880, the next child, John Broadfoot was also born here. He is the ancestor of my California cousins and the only skilled monument maker of this generation. James Hannah Broadfoot, was born in 1882 at 178 High St.  He died as a young man, unmarried with no descendants.

Then, of course, Robert Hannah, the grandfather died in 1883 at Garden Cottage, High St. However, my grandfather, Thomas was born in 1884 at Garden Cottage. It really makes me wonder if Garden Cottage is across the street. 

The next child, named Esther Wakeman Broadfoot was born 20 May 1886 at John St., so the family moved to John St. between 1884 and 1886. 

The last child, Margaret, was born at John St. I met and corresponded with her while I was working on my family history when I was a young woman. She helped me identify people and put them in the right order. Thank you Great Auntie Peg.

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