Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Nae Service
Week 11
"Nae service, nae siller"
("You don't get something for nothing")
["Scottish Proverbs by Colin Walker (p. 196)]
Birlinn Publishing (2000)]

Crop of timeline post of Facebook

Crop of email and member list of MyFamily course in Genealogy 2003

There isn't too much that's free about doing genealogy research for my Scottish ancestors. The learning tools, like (Gazetteer for Scotland: maps and gazetteers )  and the specific town/city sites are improving. But, getting the real records COST. If you are going to do real research, you'd better "not be a cheap Scot". Plan to pay up

Years ago, after gathering my oral and written interviews, I went the usual route of the past and wrote letters and bought books. I found that there was a genealogy course about Scotland which I paid for and participated in. The instructor named Annie, who lived in Australia, died after two weeks from complications of diabetes. It was a horrible shock.

The course was suspended until well known Scottish genealogist David Webster took over. Then, things got really good. As I was more techno-savvy than most others in the class and quite adept at searching, the instructor let me help others, solve his techno problems and he gave me special help on my surname. I learned a lot about distance learning and time zones which really gave me the courage to pursue my Master's degree online.

I am an early adoptee of social media. I value online social interaction better than face-to-face situations. When put in a face-to-face environment, I TEACH. That can really be annoying to others. My only child nature moves me forward. I am a self directed learner. I am a brat and I like that about myself. I hope you smiled.

One day, on Facebook, I met cousin Thomas MacEntee.  (We share descent from Robert Austin (1638-1687) of Rhode Island) 

In less than a week, I had  nearly 200 friend requests. I sat back and let Thomas send people to me.  It was the perfect learning scenario for my professional genealogy portfolio. 

Social media is the future of genealogy. 

I have worked with all the Webinars that pertain to Scottish research. I got my money's worth. I have learned to get the vital records and census records at Scotlands People. I like being friends with those who are professional Scottish researchers but this could never be my specialty.

Message boards are just endless arguments to me. I am choosy what I read. I use Twitter and Facebook mostly and I do like Pinterest. I don't like Google+ much but I still have it. The things I don't like are ones that many people like and use. 

I expect change and try to manage it. But, you don't get something for nothing. It is a two way street.

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