Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Success for my Last Conference

Photo by Midge Frazel

The Reluctant Conference-Goer Survives!

My two days at the NERGC conference held this year in my home state of Providence RI was a success. After this long winter, I was not sure I wanted to go and be exposed to hoards of people. I hope I don't get sick from it. I am going to write this short post and go rest. 

I did win a prize! After thinking about it, I decided it was something my husband could use. So, I am going to give it to him and set up on his computer. He deserves it. 

He goes with me, often driving long distances. He sits through sessions with me and buys me "stuff" in the Exhibit Hall. (His Mother's Day shopping is done.) His hearing had declined so it is hard for him to listen carefully.

We went to a session by Nathaniel Taylor on the Border problems with RI. As he grew up on the border that was once Massachusetts, he was interested in it. It was a small room and we had to take separate seats. I sat next to Elizabeth Handler (a cousin). She was typing on her MacBook. My phone, vibrated and it startled me. There was a message from the famous Dear Myrt that I had won a prize. Then, Elizabeth's phone vibrated. Yikes, she won something too. 

After the session, we left Steve in charge of the room (Elizabeth was room monitor), ran to the elevator, went down to the exhibit hall, got our prizes, went back up in the elevator, headed to the ladies room, and made it back for her to continue room monitoring. What teamwork!

Hubs and I dashed to our last session with Josh Taylor.

The rest of the adventure will be another blog post or two.

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Elizabeth Handler said...

A memorable moment at a memorable NERGC. Thanks for the mention! (And thanks again to Steve!)