Wednesday, December 19, 2007

James Albert Barber

James Albert Barber
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This is a precious photographs sent to me by a "cousin" in Utah. Her grandfather was James Albert Barber (my 2nd great grandfather). Someone she knows told her I had a photo of him on the Web and she decided to write to me. I was delighted. I encouraged her to have the original photo restored and when she did she sent me a copy.

I immediately scanned it and uploaded it to my Flickr account. The interesting fact is that James's photo taken here was taken in the same photography studio (Schofield Bros) in Westerly as my other 2nd great grandfather, Joseph Schofield.

These two men along with Charles Turner Evans all fought in the Civil War. I don't know too much about Charles Turner Evans who served in Company H, 27th Massachusetts infantry.

Brian hosts a blog on Medal of Honor recipients and had this to say about James and my connection to Robert Grandchamp of Rhode Island who is writing a book on James's unit.

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Shanny said...

This is my great great great grandfather. Thank you for posting about him.