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Madness Monday: Capt. Amos CLIFT

Capt. Amos CLIFT
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 Madness Monday

To really understand the importance of the family photograph of T. Aletta CLIFT,  given to me to identify, we need to start with the man who was her grandfather, Capt. Amos CLIFT.

According to Wheeler's History of Stonington, Amos CLIFT was a descendant of William CLIFT who came from England to Scituate and Marshfield, MA and married there  in 1691 and died in 1722. His son Samuel, had a son named Amos, who was this Capt. Amos CLIFT's father.

Capt. Amos CLIFT was born 27 Mary 1769 and died 15 Nov 1818. He married first, Esther WILLIAMS. She was the grandaughter of the unhappy and unlucky in love, Elisha WILLIAMS, Sr. who was my ancestor with the four wives.

I don't think he is resting peacefully in the Whitehall Burying Ground. Hence, the madness part of this blog post.

Esther was the sister of Jane Branch WILLIAMS who is buried a "stones throw away" nearby. However, she is not buried with her sister or here with her husband.

When his first wife died in 1798 after a mere 7 years of marriage and no living children, Capt. Amos CLIFT, married Thankful DENISON. This was a very smart move on his part. Thankful was a formidable woman. Here's the blog post with her portrait that hangs in the Denison Homestead.

Are you getting that T. Aletta CLIFT was named after her grandmother Thankful DENISON?

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