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Happy New Year

Window 2 World by midgefrazel
Window 2 World, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Happy New Year 2012
Long ago, my grandmother let me stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve. Of course, she had to wake me up to do so! 

I was not impressed that the view outside her window looked like just any other winter night and that in the morning, the world did not look fresh and new.

Maybe I should begin 2012, with a new shape of window? This is my last year of being a professional genealogist. Setting goals for this year might be hard. There's still a lot I'd like to accomplish before I magically turn back into a regular genealogist and family historian.

But, this blog will not really be any different since it was started while I was involved with my previous career.

Happy New Year to all my readers. Thanks for following along on my graveyard adventures.

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Daniel Steadman's Journal

Daniel Steadman's Journal
Originally uploaded by midgefrazel
Update: As this journal had been accepted as proof of a death date in my Mayflower papers for the family of Tourgee who married into the Billington family, I have been working on the genealogical information presented throughout and in the Appendix of this transcribed and edited (by Cherry Bamburg) journal.

I have discovered that Daniel Steadman was my first cousin, 6 times removed. Our common ancestors were his grandparents, Daniel Stedman and wife Susannah Perry. They were one set of my 6th great grandparents.

This is the previous post:
Purchased on a whim, this journal of Daniel Stedman, published by the Rhode Island Genealogical Society is going to be a treasure trove of genealogical "stuff" that isn't available anywhere else.

I had heard this many times, but I didn't believe it until I sat down to browse through the contents.

Apparently Daniel was a friend and neighbor to my Jabez Champlin Gardiner! He is referred to as J. C. Gardner in this book. Daniel often borrowed his wagon and horse to go to funerals/burials and to haul shingles and such. He is mentioned on many pages and most are like this:

October 17, 1838 p. 163
"...I Let J.C. Gardner have 12 Dollars which paid my part of the School House Money and he gave me a receipt..."

Daniel left us a great journal. I imagine he would have been shocked that we enjoyed it in this 21st century.

This book is going to be very valuable to the understanding of my ancestors who lived in Rhode Island during this time period. I am early reading the well done introduction, genealogy charts and the index.

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Section 6

Section 6 by midgefrazel
Section 6, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

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Granite in My Blood Office

Granite in My Blood Office by midgefrazel
Granite in My Blood Office, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Happy Holidays to all my readers! I will be taking a vacation starting with this post until after the Christmas holidays.

I will be posting some technology and genealogy posts in my other blog called Beyond the Horizon during this time period.

This is a photo of my desktop computer in the room where I spend most of my days. While it was cleaned up (grin), I thought you'd like to see it.

See you later....

Acorns & Leaves II

Acorns & Leaves II by midgefrazel
Acorns & Leaves II, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
I have now moved all the blog posts that were part of one of my blogs called, The Stewart Family of North Stonington.

There are other gravestones in this small family cemetery. Most have no living descendants. Only one branch of this family still lives in that area.

The only other blog that covers this is available here.

Stewart Family Reunion Photo

Stewart Reunion by midgefrazel
Stewart Reunion, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
The Stewart Family of North Stonington

This is a scanned copy (one of two) of an undated photo of the Stewart/Steward family homestead. It was obtained from Gladys Chase of the North Stonington Historical Society from the archives stored at the Society.

This photo was probably taken the same day as the other photo as the windows in the house are open to the same level.

Look closely to the left side where the two men are standing. What are those poles? Do you see the Stewart Hill cemetery? Note the wooden gate on the side where the house is, which I don't think is there now.

Barbary PALMER

Barbary PALMER by midgefrazel
Barbary PALMER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
The Stewart Family of North Stonington

Barbary5 (Barbara) PALMER (William4, William3, Gershom2, Walter1) was born 27 Jan 1750 in Stonington, New London, CT. She was a daughter of William PALMER, Jr. (1704-1781) and his wife Abigail WYATT (-1784).

She and Nathan were married 1 May 1768 in Stonington and were the parents of the following ten children: (red text indicates my ancestor)

  1. Nathan, 1769-1850, m (1) Honor BROWN, m (2) Anna BROWN
  2. Barbary , 1771-?, m Capt. Nehemiah BROWN
  3. Edward, 1774-1837, m. Rebecca NOYES
  4. Priscilla, 1778-?, m. Noyes WHEELER
  5. Betsey, 1780-1861, m Col. Dension RANDALL
  6. Russell W., 1783-?, m. Caroline LORD
  7. George Palmer, 1786-1851 m. Mary ("Polly") HEWITT
  8. Phebe, 1789-?, m. Oliver SWAN
  9. Cyrus, 1792-?, m. Sophia CROCKER
  10. Apphia, 1795-?, died young

Stewart Homestead

Stewart Homestead (side) by midgefrazel
Stewart Homestead (side), a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
The Stewart Family of North Stonington

This is the side view of the Stewart house that has been torn down. On the other side of the house, there is the small Stewart Cemetery. I have been told that it might now be surrounded by trees and not as easily visible as it was when I visited this location.

Stewart Homestead

Stewart Homestead (Front) by midgefrazel
Stewart Homestead (Front), a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
 The Stewart Family of North Stonington

(This house has been torn down and the property is now owned by a non-family member)

When was the first Stewart home built on Stewart Hill [now Wyassup Rd.]?

Nathan Steward (1745-1813) "bought out the family rights in the old homestead and built a house, which was afterward occupied by his son Edward (my ancestor) (1774-1837) and then by Denison Stewart (1807-1867)." [Wheeler: p. 605]

This is significant because it mentions that first of all, there was an old Stewart house, and secondly that this house remained in the family until Dension Stewart died in 1867. [I have found evidence of who owned the house after that through obituaries that mention the house next to the Stewart Hill cemetery.] This tells us that the house was owned by a Stewart from circa 1759 to 1867.

The notes of Mrs. A. Morgan Stewart indicate that the first house was being built by William Stewart, Jr. and his death [by family tradition] resulted from a broken neck after falling down the front stairs of the unfinished house. This puts the date of the old homestead in progress in abt. 1759.

I am not sure when the cemetery next to the homestead was first built. Upon my first visit, Gladys Chase told me that the house that was there at the time was being torn down. It was in great disrepair but I took photos anyway.


Originally uploaded by midgefrazel
Nathan3 STEWARD (William2, Jr. William1, Sr.) was born 22 Jun 1745 in Stonington, CT. He married Barbary PALMER 1 May 1768 in Stonington, CT. He died 1 Nov 1813 in Stonington.

He is buried in Great Plain Cemetery #57 in North Stonington, CT on the top of the hill beside his wife.

His gravestone is sandstone and is flaking off but the footstone remains above ground.

"In memory of/ Mr. Nathan Steward/who died/Nov. 1, 1813/aged 69 years."

Nathan STEWARD [my 4th great grandfather] and his wife Barbary PALMER are the first gravestones I have been able to find in my STEWART/STEWARD line.

As Nathan and Barbary had ten children, I am hoping to meet other descendants researching them. [to date I know of only one person.] They are buried in the Great Plain Cemetery in North Stonington in the near center of the graveyard on a hill. Their gravestones are sandstone and they are flaking off BUT they both have intact footstones.

The links here will take you to my gravestone blog where I am posting gravestone photos and information.

Nathan3 STEWARD/STEWART (William2, William1) was born 22 June 1745 and died 1 Nov 1813 in Stonington, New London, CT. He married Barbary PALMER on 1 May 1768.

"He was a man of great resolution and his wife was a noble woman. He lived to see nearly all his children married." [Wheeler p. 605-606]

Stephens-Stevens Family

 The Stewart Family of North Stonington

Stephens-Stevens Genealogy Lineage from Henry Stephens or Stevens of Stonington, Connecticut by Plowden Stevens, New York, 1909, Frank Allababen Genealogical Co. [Repository:]

Appendix [p. 299: Stewart family listed with reference to Stonington VR Book 3, Page 128 [William and Elizabeth Stevens marriage, Lucretia, Lucy, Nathan, Elizabeth, Mary, William, Content, Elisha and Eliphalet birth dates]

First Generation
#1 Henry1 STEPHENS, Sr. p. 23 married Elizabeth GALLUP, daughter of Capt. John GALLUP and Hannah LAKE. She was born at Stonington, CT. [This source says Elizabeth GALLUP's dates of birth, marriage and death are not known.] Henry, Sr.'s death is listed on p. 47 as 1726.

Second Generation
#4 Henry2 STEPHENS, Jr. p. 23-26 was the third child, third son of five children. He was born 20 Nov 1681 in Stonington and bapt. 18 Feb 1693 in the Congregational Church. He married Elizabeth FELLOWS on 2 Mar 1708/1709. Elizabeth was admitted to the North Stonington Church on 16 Jun 1741. She was born at Ipswitch, Essex, MA 14 Sept 1685, daughter of Ephriam FELLOWS and his second wife Anna. It is not known when Elizabeth died but she was still alive 16 Jan 1749/1750 as mentioned in her deed of land to her daughter.

Henry and Elizabeth had seven children. #15 Simeon married Mercy COATS [p. 47 marriage 3 Nov 1737 by Theophilus Baldwin, Justice in Stonington] and had son Jared [p. 37] and his sister #18 Elizabeth married William STEWART, Jr. and had daughter Lucy. Lucy and Jared married and they were first cousins.

Migration to New York

Many families from the Stonington, CT area, migrated to areas in New York. Some settled down but some returned back to Connecticut.

Hal Miller, Webmaster of the Berne Historical Society in New York, wrote this article about those families. The Web page for the Berne Historical Project is of great interest to any of us with families that moved to New York. It is rich with census records, maps and gravestones.

Hal so loved the idea of this blog, that he started one for the sharing of ideas about these families called Berne, New York Blog. I hope you will visit it.

Other Early Stewart Ancestors

Nathan STEWARD, son of Lieut. William STEWARD/STEWART

[Stewart Clan Magazine, page 190]

"Nathan2 STEWARD (William1), born Jan. 8, 1717, in Stonington, Conn. perhaps died in 1743. Administrator's bond on the estate of Nathan Stewart was filed June 15, 1743 by his father, William Stewart [Probate, E:13]."

Nathan Steward dies unmarried and without issue.

Lucretia STEWART and Dr. John BARTLETT

While researching Dr. John BARTLETT, husband of Lucretia STEWART, I discovered that they may have been married on the island of Nantucket, MA. I thought this was quite interesting for the time period so I pursued it further.

The Vital Records of Nantucket at lists a lot of Bartlett names of births and marriages of children but since I have accesss to this at NEHGS, I decided to look there for information since I had no idea what PR38 meant for a source. Luckily, this is annotated at NEHGS and says:

"private record, from the William C. Folger genealogical records in the possession of the Nantucket Historical Association (This compilation has been used because of the valuable clues it affords, but its statements should be received with caution, as it is not free from errors. It should also be understood that in many instances the events recorded did not take place in Nantucket, and in a few cases attention has been called to the question of residence.)"

This makes me wonder about the marriage of Lucretia Stewart and a Dr. John Bartlett of Lebanon, CT. It says that she was of Amherst?

Since this could be a different Lucretia and the VR listing of Nantucket's locations may be wrong how can this be verified?


Lucy STEWART, daughter of William STEWART, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth STEVENS was born 30 July 1743 in Stonington, CT. [Barbour Index: Stonington VR Book 3 Page 128]

Lucy married Jared4 (Simeon3, Henry2, Henry1) STEVENS [her cousin].

Jared STEVENS was born 28 Sept 1739 in Stonington, son of Simeon STEVENS and Mercy COATS. [Jared #54 pps. 67-68, STEPHENS-STEVENS Genealogy by Plowden Stevens] Jared was the grandson of Henry STEVENS and his wife Elizabeth FELLOWS and so was Lucy STEWART which makes Jared and Lucy first cousins.

Jared and Lucy lived in Stonington CT, Voluntown, CT, Stephentown, NY and Knox, Albany, NY. Jared was a farmer and possibly was a Revolutionary solider in the 2nd Rensselaer Battalion, Albany County Regiment. [Jared is listed in the DAR Patriot Index and in this database listed below] New York Military in the
[database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network,
Inc., 2000.
Original data: Electronic reproduction of New York in the
Revolution as Colony
and State, Vol. II, originally published in

Heading: Albany
County Militia -- Fourth

Rank: Enlisted Men
Name: Jered Stephens

He died abt 1800 after being thrown from a horse.

Lucy and her son William [this is not correct; he did not die in this fire] died in the burning of their home in Knox, Albany, NY in December 1820

There were nine children:
William 1761-
Jared II 1763-1853
Lucy 1765-
Mary 1767-
Jedediah 1770-1857
Elizabeth 1772-
Roswell 1775-1854
Eliphalet 1777-
Simeon 1780-1856

Wiilliam STEWART, Jr.'s Children

William STEWARD Jr., son of Lieut. William STEWARD/STEWART
[Stewart Clan Magazine, May, 1926]

William2 STEWARD, [Jr.] was born Dec. 26, 1714, in Stonington, Conn. married there Dec. 4, 1740, Elizabeth Stephens, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Fellows) STEPHENS. He died prior to Jan. 4, 1760, [see notes below] for on that date his widow Elizabeth was appointed administratrix of his estate. She subsequently married Joseph PALMER, a widower with nine children and had a daughter by him named Sabra.

Family legend says he fell down the stairs of the unfinished Stewart Homestead and broke his neck and died.
The Diary of Jabez Fitch recorded the death of William as "Sund: ye 9th...This Day Wm Stewert was burried &c." [buried 9 Dec 1759] [The Complete Mayflower Descendant, Vol. XV, Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr., Page 148. Source:]

  1. Lucretia born July 30, 1741, m. Mar. 8, 1761, Dr. John Bartlett of Lebanon, [CT]
  2. Lucy born July 30, 1743, m. Jared Stephens/Stevens, her [1st] cousin
  3. Nathan born June 22, 1745, m. May 1, 1768 Barbara [Barbary] Palmer
  4. Elizabeth born Oct 7, 1747, m. John Coates, as [his] second wife
  5. Mary born Nov 28, 1749, m. Oliver Wilcox
  6. William born Mar. 16, 1732, m. (1) Sept. 25, 1774 married (2) Amanda Darrow
  7. Content born June 6, 1754, m.Timothy Coates
  8. Elisha born June 29, 1757, m. Sarah Witter
  9. Eliphalet born Aug 14, 1759, m. Mercy Coates

Marriage of William STEWART, Jr.

[Barbour Index, Stonington, p. 372], Vol. 3, p. 128

Steward, William, Junr, m. Elizabeth STEPHENS, Dec 4, 1746 by Rev. Joseph Fish

Children of William Stewart

[Wheeler's History: page 605] [Print]

#2. William Jr., b. Dec. 26, 1714
#3. Nathan, Jan 8, 1717
#4. Oliver, b. Feb. 12, 1719
#5. Phineas, b. May 16, 1721
#6. Lemuel, b. May 3, 1723, d. Feb last, 1727 [the last day of February]
#7. Sarah, b. Jan 10, 1725-6
#8. Content, b. Dec. 24, 1727
#9. Eliphalet, b. Nov. 10, 1729
#10. Lemuel, Jan. 31, 1732

[First Church of Stonington Baptism Records] (NEHGS [online])

1719 Oct 25
William has s. Oliver b.

Phineas and Lemuel
1725 Apr 25
William had ch [children] Phmichas Lemuel b.

1725 July 4
William had d. Sarah b.

1717 Sept 1
Nathan s. Wm b.

[Barbour Index Stonington p. 372] Vital Records Vol 2 Page 14 ( [online])

Steward, William, s. William, b. Dec. 26, 1714
Steward, Nathan, s. William, b. Jan 3, 1716/7
Steward, Oliver, s. William, b. Feb. 12, 1718/19
Steward, Phinehas, s. William, b. May 16, 1721
Steward, Lemuel s. William, b. May 3, 1723; d. Feb 28, 1727
Steward, Sarah d. William, b. Dec 24, 1727
Stewart Content, d. William, b. Nov 10, 1729


Mary BELLOWS was second wife of Lieut. William STEWART. Mary and Lieut. William had no children.

[Barbour Index, Stonington, p 371] and [Wheeler: History p. 605]

Stewart William, Lieut. m. Mary BELLOWS, Mar 16, 1747 by Rev. Ebenzer Punderson. Vol 3, page 151.
There seems to be no more information about Mary BELLOWS.


Sarah CHURCH was the first wife of Lieut. William STEWART and the mother of all of his children. It may not be that this woman Sarah Church is of the Church family referenced below as all that is really known of her is her death record in the Barbour Index of Vital Records of CT.

[Barbour Index, Stonington, page 371] Stewart, Sarah, w. Lieut. William, d. Mar 2, 1745 Vol. 3 , Page 151.

Another Sarah Church surfaces in Massachusetts in the family of Garrett Church:

Vital records of Massachusetts to 1850: Watertown [203: 1689] page 128 source: NEHGS
Baptism "Ye 6th of October 1689 one child, of David Churche's called Sarah"

There is an article at NEGHS in the Register [Vol 123, July 1969, p. 186] which discusses the CHURCH family.

It states that Sarah was the daughter of David CHURCH and his wife Mary. Mary's surname is unknown. David CHURCH was the youngest son of Garrett CHURCH. There was an different David Church that married a woman name Mary Wild.

James Savage's "Genealogical Dictionary of New England" Archive CD Books [$29.95] lists the family of CHURCH.

David CHURCH was born 1 Sept 1657 [Savage]. His wife Mary was admitted to the church the day that their son John was baptized on 6 Nov 1687. The daughter, Sarah, was baptized there 6 October 1689. David was an innkeeper in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1687 and 1688.

He was later called a tailor. There is no record of a marriage of David and Mary CHURCH.

Garrett CHURCH, the immigrant ancestor, was born ca. 1611 probably in England and died bef 3 Feb 1665/1666 in Watertown, MA (now is Middlesex county). His occupation was tailor. He was admitted to the Watertown Church prior to 2 May 1649 and married Sarah, whose maiden surname is unknown, in Watertown. She was probably born in England ca. 1614 and she died in Watertown.

Garrett and Mary had John, Samuel (married Rebecca daughter of William SHATTUCK), Mary, Jonathan and David.

David CHURCH removed to Killingly, CT (Windham county) about 1708 and died there aft. 1738, aged about 80 years. His wife Mary died at a very old age.

There is a Church family Web page maintained by Dan Bornt of IL

Lieut. William STEWART

There is an early vital record listed in the Barbour Index Vol 3 Page 5. [Barbour Index, Stonington, p. 371] source: [online]

STEWART William, d, Mar 4, 1733/4

This is the earliest Stewart vital record. This is a "ledger" book, handwritten in script, and probably says [in Book/Vol. 3 page 5]:

William Stewart departed this life March 4th 1733/4

It is speculated that this may be the father of Lieut. William but the only reason for that is that in Lieut. William's will he left money for a gravestone for his father but it doesn't state where the father was buried or what his name was.

As there are so many small graves in wooded land in North Stonington, this grave may turn up but even if it does, we do not know if this is the father of Lieut. William.

We don't know why Lieut. William was given the title of Lieut. either!

Lieut. William STEWART has no recorded birth date or place in the Vital Records of North Stonington. It is not known if he was born in America, England or Scotland.

The Vital Records of North Stonington are recorded in the Barbour Index under STEWART and STEWARD. The original records are housed at the Town Hall in North Stonington and early records are archived in the old Town Hall.

The surname for this family is spelled most often as STEWART but some of the oldest records list it as STEWARD. Some descendant families and some secondary sources (like newspapers) spell the name as STUART.

Lieut. William STEWART was baptized "as an adult" on 13 Feb 1710 by Rev. James NOYES of The First Congegational Church. [This church is now called the Road Church] This record is listed at NEHGS in the Index to the Records of the First Church of Stonington, CT.

Stewart-Steward-Stuart 1710 Feb 13 William (a dull) b. [record type] Baptism

This does not mean that William was a "dull" person; it is how the record was recorded and transcribed with two ll's instead of the modern lt in the word adult.

This event is also listed in [Wheeler: History of Stonington, page 605]

Lieut. William married for his first wife, Sarah CHURCH on 5 May 1713 [Barbour Index Stonington p. 372] source: and [Wheeler: History of Stonington, page 605]

Steward, William m Sarah Church May 5, 1713 Vol. 2 p. 14

In 1728 he purchased lands containing Asoupsuck Pond, north of Stewart Hill from Richard and Henry Stevens. source: [Wheeler: History of Stonington, page 605]

Another source for information on this family is a publication called, "The Stewart Clan Magazine" and that will be referenced here.

It is assumed that Lieut. William was of age when baptized and when he purchased land so it is possible he was born abt. 1690, but this is not verifiable as far as anyone knows.

Sarah and William had 9 children. One son named Lemuel died and they named a later child with the same name. This was customary for the times.

Sarah was the mother of all nine children.

After Sarah died [see her entry], Lieut. William married second, Mary BELLOWS.

[Stewart Clan Magazine: May, 1926, Vol. IV No. 11, page 189]

Lieut. William STEWARD of Stonington, CT by Horace W. Dickerman, New Haven, Conn. [Mr. Dickerman was of the opinion that Steward was of the family closely related to the mother of Oliver Cromwell, but this is still unproven.]

"Lieut. William Steward was baptized as an adult on Feb. 13, 1710, in the Congregational church in Stonington. He married (1) May 5, 1713, Sarah Church. On Dec. 27, 1722, he and his wife Sarah deeded to "ye Reverend Mr. Creighead, clerk in Stonington," land they had bought five days previously of Saxton Palmer. He bought Apr. 4, 1726, of Aaron Stark, land in Voluntown, and on Nov. 5, 1728, he bought land of Richard Stephens and Henry Stephens, in North Stonington. On Apr. 9, 1727, Sarah Stewart was dismissed to the church in North Stonington. On Mar. 2, 1729-30, William Stuard, yeoman, of North Stonington, deeded to Jonathan Dean the land in Voluntown, which he had bought of Aaron Stark. [Alexander Steuard sold land in Voluntown Feb. 11, 1729-30, to this same Jonathan Dean Cf. p. 21] He acquired the title of lieutenant, and was a man of prominence. It is said that he knew the line of his ancestry back to kings, and a set of dished bearing a coat-of-arms was later in possession of his descendants. His wife Sarah died Mar. 2, 1745. He married (2) Mar. 16, 1747, Mary Bellows. The date of his death is unknown. In his will, drawn Oct. 20, 1753, probated Dec. 26, 1754, he provided for "grave stones for my father, and fomer wife, and child and myself.", made bequests to his "two grandsons William Steward" and mentioned the following children (except for the first Lemuel) whose births were recorded in Stonington.

[note: births mentioned above same as those in the vital records]

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The Stewart Clan Magazine

 The Stewart Family of North Stonington, CT

For all things "Stewart", researchers have been lucky to have access to a 10 volume magazine whose first volume was published in 1922. Google Books has them all "bound" together in a downloadable PDF. For easy searching, use the one version and then print the pages you need from the downloadable PDF.

The Stewart Clan Magazine
George Thomas Edson, 1922, The Stewart Clan Society of America, Inc. 1922

The Stewart Legend

 The Stewart Family of North Stonington, Connecticut

"Two British sailors who had been pressed onto service jumped ship along the New England coast in the 1660's and lived with the Indians for a time to avoid being caught. According to Frank Church of Petersburg, New York, the two sailors, Church and Stewart formed a bond of friendship and swore the two families would always be closely associated. No hard evidence but Frank's mother lived to a "ripe" old age and his grandmother lived to be 103 years old, so the stories may have been handed down. William may have been descended from Elizabeth Stewart, Mother of Oliver Cromwell. "He acquired the title of Lieutenant and was a man of prominence. It is said that he knew the line of his ancestry back to the Kings and a set of dishes bearing a coat-of-arms was later in possession of his descendents"

[Research of Mamie Ford Smail, WorldConnect] From the [Stewart Clan Magazine May, 1926]

This interesting tale is in almost all the publications you may read about this family. If there is any fact to this, it would mean that Stewarts have been another generation back from Lieut. William Stewart.

Any sailor who jumped ship would not have dishes, so perhaps, if this is true, forbearers of Lieut. William came to America after this story.

Where it Began

Rebecca NOYES by midgefrazel
Rebecca NOYES, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
The Stewart Family of North Stonington, CT
Merging my Blogs 

This post was originally written to bring readers up to date on what this blog "is all about". 
I am re-posting it here once again today.
This is the gravestone that started it all. I went in search of this gravestone as this is my maternal line. I still love the simplicity of this gravestone of the mid 1800s. Rebecca was over 40 when she had her last child, my ancestor.

This is the gravestone of Rebecca NOYES, wife of Edward STEWART. Rebecca married Edward on Feb 15, 1801. She was the daughter of Joseph NOYES and his wife Prudence DENISON. I didn't even know that much when I stood in front of this stone and took the photo. She was born 16 Mar 1782 in Stonington.

This gravestone stands tall in the Stewart Hill Cemetery in North Stonington. Edward's grave, which is next to hers, has fallen over and broken. But, both footstones remain.

Edward was a farmer and lived on the land inherited by his grandfather William Steward, Jr. William's father, William was probably the immigrant ancestor.

As you can see she died 30 Sept 1842 aged 61. This is the information I have been gathering about her:

In my family Bible is a very small envelope with faded writing on the outside. I very carefully opened it to find the most fragile handwritten marriage certificate.

Who was the bride listed in this certificate who married into my Stewart family? Her name and Edward’s, her husband, were written in the Bible but with their marriage and death dates.

I decided to find out who Edward and Rebecca were and got very lucky (on the first shot) in finding a lot of help from Gladys Chase at the North Stonington Historical Society. All it took was one email and about a fifteen minute wait.

Rebecca 5 NOYES one of my 3rd great grandmothers, was the 2nd great granddaughter of Thomas STANTON. (Joseph4 NOYES, Dea. John3 NOYES, Dorothy2 STANTON, Thomas1  STANTON) I call this NOYES line one of the easiest lines to trace since they were involved in the church, they left behind an easy trail of vital records.

She was the ninth of ten children of Joseph NOYES and his wife Prudence DENISON and my 3rd great grandmother). She lived her whole life in North Stonington, CT. [Wheeler: Stewart family p. 607]

Rebecca was the wife of Edward STEWART, Edward4 (Nathan3, William2, Jr. William1 Sr.) who was great-grandson of the first STEWART who lived in North Stonington. Edward was a farmer and lived in the house owned by his father Nathan and later by his son Denison STEWART

But oddly, Edward’s great grandfather, William Steward, Sr. was baptized as an adult by Rebecca’s great grandfather, the Rev. James NOYES (husband of Thomas Stanton’s daughter Dorothy) on 13 Feb 1710.

If that wasn’t enough, three siblings of Rebecca married member of the STANTON family.[Thankful NOYES married Thomas STANTON, Polly NOYES married Samuel STANTON, and Denison NOYES married Hannah R. STANTON.]
[Wheeler: Noyes family p. 485]

Tombstone Tuesday: Some Changes

Behind the Gravestone by midgefrazel
Behind the Gravestone, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
I have decided to merge two of my blogs. One of my blogs, The Stewart Family of North Stonington, was created as an example for one of the books that I wrote.

I am going to move those posts over to this blog and then delete that blog.

After my upcoming vacation, I will continue to blog as I have been before.

Please Stand By....

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A Weary Pilgrim Rests

A Weary Pilgrim Rests by midgefrazel
A Weary Pilgrim Rests, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Althea Parmenter's Verse

Here a weary Pilgrim rests,/ Reposin (g), on her Saviour's Breast;/ And her spirit soar'd on high,/ To praise her God eternally.

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Happy Birthday, Daughter

Baby Heather Frazel by midgefrazel
Baby Heather Frazel, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. My doctor liked to take his own photos of the babies he delivered. I am quite fond of this one.

It is hard to believe that my baby is a mom herself. But, today, I will remember her just like this for a few moments.

Nesting Snow People

Nesting Snow People by midgefrazel
Nesting Snow People, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Nesting Toys
Since I am home sick with a bug, I thought I'd mention how much I enjoy reading other blogs with memories of Christmas.

My grandmother outlived her husband by many years. One Easter she gave me a chicken nesting toy in my Easter basket. In her memory, I have been buying at least one nesting toy for every holiday we put out decorations. These snowmen are new this year. I like to collect snow persons but I don't like snow.

You know, I am a very weird person!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Missed a Letter!

Missed a Letter by midgefrazel
Missed a Letter, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Mistakes must be even worse when carving a gravestone. Good thing there was room next to the n to insert the last letter.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Another Daughter's Gone

Sally D. Parmenter [verse] by midgefrazel
Sally D. Parmenter [verse], a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Sally D. Parmenter 

Evergreen Cemetery, Marlborough, MA
Alas! another daughter's gone; But we do trust our loss her gain; In full assurance of God's love, She left this World for that above.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Striped Shirt

Striped Shirt by midgefrazel
Striped Shirt, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

A photo of my mother on vacation in Maine in the early 1950s. Clearly, they must have been bored and playing with the camera.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Hear Thy Voice No More

Ezekiel Parmenter [Verse] by midgefrazel
Ezekiel Parmenter [Verse], a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Verse from the gravestone of Ezekiel Parmenter

Now partner dear, farewell a while;
The time will surely come,
When we, with all the ransom'd world,
Rest in a Father's home.
Farewell Father, here we leave thee,
And we hear thy voice no more;
But in Heaven we hope to meet thee,
When life's fleeting scenes are o'er.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


Jacob HARRINGTON by midgefrazel
Jacob HARRINGTON, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

died on this day 4 December, 1789

Jacob's gravestone caught my eye because of the date of his death. December 4th is my birthday. Jacob was the son of David Harrington and his wife Mary and was born 10 Feb 1725 in Marlborough, MA. It looks as if he was single. Rest in peace, Jacob.

This is his death record:

Jacob, Dec. 4, 1789, in his 66th year. G,S.5.
Marlborough, MA

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Ezekiel PARMENTER by midgefrazel
Ezekiel PARMENTER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Husband of Keziah PARMENTER, son of Jedidiah and Silence PARMENTER, Ezekiel was father of 11 children.

He was born in 1771 in Sudbury probably under the name PARMINTER and married Keziah on 15 Jan 1797 in Framingham. He died 26 August 1843 in Marlborough and he is buried next to his wife in the Wilson St. section of Evergreen Cemetery in Marlborough.

His death record, which lists his name as PARMINTER, says he was married at the time of his death and either died on 23 Aug or 26 Aug with a cause of death as Epileptic Fit.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Be Forever Blest

Keziah Parmenter [Message] by midgefrazel
Keziah Parmenter [Message], a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Dear children, mourn no more for me,
No more for me repine,
Believe that I am happier far,
Than e'er with you in time:
I've left this world of sin and pain,
And reached a peaceful rest;
'Tis there I trust to meet you all,
And be forever blest.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Kezia PARMENTER by midgefrazel
Kezia PARMENTER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Kezia or Keziah PARMENTER is buried in the Wilson St. section of Evergreen Cemetery in Marlborough, MA. She was the sister of my husband's ancestor Ezra PARMENTER who married Susan or Susannah BROWN.

Kezia whose maiden name was PARMENTER married a PARMENTER!

She was married on 15 Jan 1797 in Sudbury and died, as you can see here, on 26 July 1849 in Marlborough at 75 years of age.

It is not unique in New England for "cousins" to marry. All of the graves in this row are her family. They photographed very well.

To find her birth record, I had to use the name "Thirze" as it was given in the Parmenter genealogy. She is #602 on page 67.

Thirze, d. of Joshua, bp. June 26, 1774. C.R.1. Birth/Framingham, MA