Monday, January 13, 2014

Maple Street Cemetery

Photo by Wayne Howland, used with permission

Maple Street Cemetery
Upon finding out that the Quaker Meeting House Grounds has both unmarked graves and gravestones for Quaker families, I asked my Find-a-Grave expert for that area, Wayne Howland, if I could have a copy of this photograph that shows the Quaker Meeting House from a different angle and season from the one cousin Hulda Jowett shared with me. I didn't expect to see gravestones so close to the road.

As you can see the road directly in front of the doors and granite plaque. If you look in the distance, you can see many more gravestones near the meeting house. Both Hulda and Wayne tell me that the cemetery is called Maple St. Cemetery and encompasses the meeting house.

Ah, the address of the Meeting House is Maple St. and Friend St. Doesn't that make sense now?

Check out the sign for the cemetery which must be at the other end of the cemetery! It says that the Quaker family is buried here and that the gravestones are fragile. 


Hulda said...

It's not really a road, just the drive into the upper Maple Street Cemeteryap

Russ Worthington said...


Is this a "location" or town cemetery and not a Quaker Burial Ground that happened to be where the Quaker Meeting was located.

The Quaker Burial Grounds that I have visited, the stones were small, simple with maybe initials, but low to the ground.

Just asking.


Midge Frazel said...

This is called the Quaker Meetinghouse Grounds and is the oldest part of the Maple St. Cemetery in Adams. I was confused because it has two, separate Find-a Grave pages for the cemeteries.

Hulda has confirmed this. I, too, expected to see those kinds of stones. There's reason for it and is in an upcoming blog post.