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Esther WHEELER, wife of Cap't Daniel DENISON, Jr.

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by Midge Frazel
Esther WHEELER (William WHEELER3, Isaac2, Thomas1 and Hannah GALLUP4, Benadam3, John2, John1) born 15 Feb 1711/1723 and died 31 Mar 1814. She was the daughter of William WHEELER and Hannah GALLUP.

Esther was the only wife of Cap't Daniel DENISON, Jr. and the mother of thirteen children. Their children: Esther (1743), Daniel (1745), Phebe (1747), Robert (1749), Isaac (1751), Henry (1753, Hannah (1755, died young), Mary (1757), Hannah (1759), Beebe (1761), Frederick (1762), Eunice (1764) and Ann B. [or Nancy] 1769.

"In Memory of/Esther Denison/relict of/Daniel Denison/who died/March 31, 1814/in the 98 year/of her age."

Cap't Daniel DENISON and his wife Esther WHEELER were my 5th great grandparents.

Wheeler's History of Stonington: p. 639 #41

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