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Mary STANTON, wife of Deacon Daniel DENISON, Sr.

Mary Stanton
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by Midge Frazel
Mary Stanton (Robert2, Thomas1) born 3 Feb 1687 and died 2 Sept 1724 (not long after the birth of her last child) in her 38th year. She was the first wife of Deacon Daniel Denison and "the mother his eleven children".

Her children were [all born in Stonington, CT]:
Mary (1705), Daniel (died young) (1707), Beebe (1709), Rachel (1710) or Esther (1712), Lucy (1714), John (1716), Prudence (1718), Daniel (1720/1721), Phebe (1723) and Sarah (1724).

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Stanton Genealogy: page 40 #1004

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