Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Capt. John GALLUP, II

Capt. John GALLUP, II
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This is the memorial stone of Captain John GALLUP, II whose remains lie buried near the scene of the "Great Swamp Fight" at Narragansett, RI

This stone is located at Whitehall Burying Ground #21, Mystic, CT.

Captain John Gallup, 2nd.

"Born in Dorset, England, 1615. Arrived in Boston September 4, 1635. Removed from Boston to Taunton , 1640 to New London 1651. In 1654 to his residence in Whitehall, built upon a tract of land on the Mystic River, granted him recognition of the service rendered by himself and his father in the Pequot War. Slain December 19, 1675 in the Narragansett Swamp Fight. Buried near the scene of the Battle."

Gallup Genealogy, History of Stonington, CT.

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