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Eunice WILLIAMS, wife of Isaac DENISON, Sr. was the daughter of Elisha WILLIAMS and his wife Esther WHEELER. She was born 3 Aug 1755 in Old Mystic, CT and died 8 Feb 1842 in Stonington, CT.

Eunice and Isaac had 12 children.

In/Memory of/Eunice DENISON/widow of Isaac DENISON/who died Feb. 8, 1842/in the 67th year/of her age.

Grace Denison Wheeler wrote this about the young Eunice WILLIAMS in her book: The Home of Our Ancestors in Stonington, Conn. published in 1903 on pages 166-167

"His daughter, Eunice, by his third wife, Esther Wheeler, was a young lady who had many admirers and she also possessed a mind and will of her own, probably inherited from her father [Elisha Williams] as the following story will show. He was very desirous of seeing her united in marriage, to a man of his choice, which was evidently contrary to her own desire, as she had previously become acquanted with Mr. Isaac Dension [Sr.] and had come to the conclusion, in her own mind, that he and no other should become her liege lord. One day, her father desired her to be at home to his friend and suitor, and that she should be, locked into her room on the second floor and went away feeling sure that when he desired her presence he should know where to find her, but "Love laughs at locks" and when Mr. Williams went to bring his daughter to meet his desired son-in-law, she had flown, having jumped from the window and fled through the woods to her uncle Richard Wheeler, where she safely remained for a time until her father's wrath was appeased. After a while, Mr. Denison's claims were established and they were married in 1773 when she was only eighteen years old."

Eunice was one of my fourth great-grandmothers

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