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Capt. Jeremiah Holmes

Capt. Jeremiah Holmes
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Capt. Jeremiah HOLMES, son of Jeremiah HOLMES and his wife Mary (Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, George1) DENISON, was a sea captain of many Mystic sloops and a hero of the Battle of Stonington in 1814. He married Ann Borodell DENISON (Isaac5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, George1) widow of John GALLUP, son of Col John GALLUP and his wife Hannah (Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, George1) DENISON, in 1809.
[Mary and Hannah DENISON were sisters.]
[There were no children from Ann's marriage to John GALLUP who died in 1804.]

Jeremiah and Ann had nine children and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with the whole village in 1859. Cannon were fired in the morning and they had guests in their home until late in the evening.
The Dension Genealogy says Capt. Holmes was born in North Stonington and at age 14 went to live in Norwich, NY with brother-in-law Thomas Crary,; shipped on schooner Four Sisters in 1800; he was thrown into a dungeon in Para, Brazil; for gallant service in the War of 1812 he won the title of "Hero of Stonington".

Their portraits done in 1865 hang in the Mystic Congregational Church and are reproduced in the book referenced below and there is an excellent article online with his signature and their picture.
"Captain/Jeremiah Holmes/Born Sept. 6, 1782/Died Sept. 14, 1872/His wife/Ann Borodel Holmes/Born Sept. 22, 1784, Died Dec. 6, 1873"

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