Friday, August 15, 2008

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Category: "Reach Out & Perform Random Genealogical Acts of Kindness"
Event B: join another genea-blog network

In the three weeks or so since I joined the Genea-Bloggers group at Facebook, I have added quite a few blogs to my blog network. I am losing track of who asked me to join or if I found them on my own so I will write this blog post about two I have examined closely.

Jean-Yves Baxter asked me to join his blog on the blog network. His blog name is quite long "GeneaNet Genealogy Blog - GeneaSofts". It will help me learn more about genealogy software. As a "geek" I have a longtime interest in software in my alter-life as an educational technologist. I use PAF as my main desktop software app but I also use Family Tree Maker in my role as an assistant genealogist to a large society. The first software I ever saw was Reunion when I was a Mac person.

Janet Hovorka's blog, "The Chart Chick" is colorful and interesting. She is the Development Director for Generation Maps, an online genealogy chart printing service. Her blog is quite technical which I am sure I will enjoy. Maybe someday, I will be ready for big charts!

I think the Blog Networks on Facebook is a good idea, especially if you are not well versed in using an RSS Reader like Google Reader or Bloglines. The trouble with blogs is that the links contained in them are seldom checked for "freshness" (dead-non-working) and it is harder to go back and check your links in your own blog postings.

Yesterday, I took my laptop outside to my small porch and alternated preparing links in my 5 posting, posting and checking them, and reading the blog postings of others. I am now sure it is harder to perform the backing -up and organizing events than doing the research and writing ones I have chosen.

I think I have three or four more events to work with!

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