Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inviting Genealogists

Category: "Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness"
Event C: invite a genealogist to Facebook

I belong to several genealogically related organizations, but I have learned that there are more persons in these groups that "are done" with their genealogies than those who do active reasearch. I found this out by preparing presentations and speaking to groups. Many people I have met inherited their charts from a parent or another a family member. Don't get me wrong; they ARE interested in family history and genealogy but they come to meeting and events for the socialization and not to learn or share information.

A couple years ago, I attended a regional genealogical conference and met some very important people involved in genealogy and history and that DID make a difference in my attitude about what makes up a genealogist. Since then, I have proved three Mayflower lines and one DAR line (and have uncovered more too but I haven't finsihed the work to do so.

To complete this event, I invited two women who "do genealogy" to join Facebook and to take a look at this genea-bloggers group. Carmen Johnson of Idaho, has created a Web site for her Gallup ancestors. As she lived there and I live nearer to Connecticut, I have visited a few graveyards, written directions to them and taken photographs. All of these graveyards have Gallups sprinked like confetti in them and are quite ancient. (the graveyards are ancient...not Carmen) Carmen's Web site is great. Until now, the Gallup Family Association didn't have a Web site for people to use to do their research. They still don't require proof of lineage to join. (This is the organization I joined for that event.)

I asked Carmen to join Facebook and she did so immediately. I was really surprised. Maybe she and I can work together on a blog someday. Say, "Hi" to her, will you?

I did ask other people to join Facebook but there has been no reply. So I asked Shelia Connolly, the vice Regent of my DAR chapter and found that she already belonged. She is a writer and has recently had two books published. She's on a roll! I don't know if she has time to genea-blog but since she is a gravestone groupie like me, perhaps she can post her gravestone collection online. Welcome her, will you, since she has joined the Genea-Bloggers group?

Well, that's it for this event. I'm off to the wedding of a friend, who has never been married and is my age! Not something you see everyday!

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