Thursday, August 07, 2008

Genea-Bloggers Flag Frazel

Warming Up!
As today is the day before the official games beginning and the first posting, I thought I'd blog about the flag I created for the games.

The flag I made, as part of the rules, Is purposefully not perfect because as everyone knows, ancestors were imperfect people. I have chosen two of my most interesting lines for my flag, both families came to America in The Great Migration of the 1630s.

I made the lines of the flag of the UK a bit out of alignment to signify how England was losing control of the Colonies even at that point. The American flag here is only slightly off track to signify the situation in America today. I put a ten pointed star in colonial blue color to represent the 5 lines I have of both these families down to me. Thomas Stanton and George Denison lived in the same area of colonial Connecticut and knew each other. In fact, these two families intermarried. I took these photos of their family crests at the back-to-back family reunions I went to these past two weekends. Both men played a significant part in history.

I will be choosing a different ancestor for my "ancestor profile" as I have been doing more research on that family. In that line, I have a gravestone for each ancestor! Well, you'll see....

2008 Genea-Bloggers Games

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