Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nu-2-U Genea-Bloggers Rhyming: Sheri and Terry

Category: "Reach Out and Perform Random Acts of Kindness"
Event: comment on a new to you genea-blog
Event A: Silver

As there is an extra event in this group of tasks, I decided to start working on commenting on other genealogists blogs. Most of the people in the Facebook Genea-Bloggers group are new to me. I read my blogs in Bloglines (a RSS newsfeed reader) so I don't get to see the design of their blog or write comments. I do need to get better at commenting. I put Sheri Fenley's Blog, "The Educated Genealogist" into Bloglines two days ago and this morning I commented under Randy's comment. Sheri and I are both blondes but on different coasts. Like bookends, I figure. She was worried nobody would comment ["Hello, is anyone out there?"] so I decided I'd better compete in this event now rather than next week.

I made a list of blogs to read and comment on. Some are in my Bloglines and some I just bookmarked. I will comment later on Terry's blog since he and I both blog about gravestones and that seems to fit with my purpose.

Update! (8/14): I needed to be inspired to work with some of the gravestones I have gathered this spring and summer. I do keep wondering what cemeteries are like that are not in New England. Early on in the games, Terry Thornton and I exchanged a couple emails about the process of recording a whole cemetery. I have only done this once and I keep finding out more about the folks buried there as I continue to research them. Terry's new blog, Lann Cemetery, is just getting going and it is going to be great for me to watch it build up.

So many stones in New England are becoming unreadable due to weather, acid rain, neglect and vandalism that I am glad to see other places in the country start to catalogue and photograph theirs. I read that in the past burning coal in New England for heat in buliding near graveyards has done more damage then we will do. In my own town, there is a very old burying ground that is being damaged, I am sure my the emissions from the cars that idle in traffic nearby. Well, I am going to go look more at Terry's other postings and at the ones that Joe Beine has posted in his Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols blog. I can do this from my laptop outside on my back porch. OMG, I love technology!

I'd also like to comment here that I am surprised at the number of folks who decided to get organized and to write citations for these "Summer Games". I decided it wasn't entertaining enough for others to read but maybe that's just me being a writer.

2008 Genea-Bloggers Games

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Sheri said...

Thank you Midge for noticing my blog. We have something else in common besides being blonde - I am also a member of DAR!

Sheri Fenley