Saturday, December 20, 2008

Colonial Daughters Marker

Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century Marker

"National Society Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century is based upon descent from 17th-century ancestors who imperiled their lives and interests in various colonial wars from May 1607 to December 1699"

This marker is found at the Whitehall Burying Ground #21 in Mystic, CT. It can be found between the headstone and footstone of Mr. Thomas Wheeler's gravestone who died 4 Mar 1656. He and his wife Mary (maiden surname unknown) are buried side by side with thick brown stones. Who placed them there and when is unknown. Fred Burdick, town historian, couldn't take a photo of this marker because it is so close to the footstone. I crouched down low and was practically on top of it to get this shot. (I will blog about them at a later date, I promise)

I performed a Google Search and discovered that one of these is for sale on eBay! I think is is sad that flag markers and memorial symbols can be bargained for. A description of who may join this lineage society is listed here.

I was inspired to post this because of the wonderful display of gravestone symbolism by Beth Santore.

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