Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crompton Christmas Adventure Post 3

It all started with a gravestone...

While my counterpart Steve works in retail by day, I am trying to keep the flow of Crompton information moving along. He's done a great job adding in the earlier generations and now I have to connect my Ancestry tree to his so that I have the same data and census records as he has found.

I keep a desktop genealogy application besides the one I host at Ancestry. I have to set aside time to add what I discover at Ancestry to my database and back it up. I keep private notes in it and questions for future ideas. I have to do that now while we wait for Christmas to be past.

Here's the basic family we started with:

James William Crompton and his wife Rebecca Wolstenholme had 5 children. Steve and I only knew about 4 of them. From the passenger lists, we discover that a child named Doris stayed behind in England while the rest of the family went adventuring to America. She marrried a man named Mr. Jackson. It must be that James William and Rebecca returned home to be with their daughter and died there. It would be nice to find out where they are buried.

John (Jack) Crompton's brothers, Fred (Steve's ancestor), Frank and Harold (Harry) came to America with their mother after my uncle Jack and his father came here first. But, wait! Fred was not listed with the younger boys and the mother. As I reported earlier, I found that he was married and came here to Boston later. So many passenger lists to go through to get it right!

The discovering is great fun but the recording is WORK. That's what I must do now. More Crompton adventures follow...

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