Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crompton Christmas Adventure Post 1

On December 5, I started an adventure in genealogy research. Since joining the APG, I have accomplished much in the way of thinking about myself as a genealogical researcher with a specialty in technology. Joining the Genea-Bloggers group at Facebook, becoming a Graveyard Rabbit and generally organizing my personal research and learning in this field has helped me define my goals.

In my email inbox, popped an email from Steve, who is a Crompton descendant. He found this gravestone in my Flickr account, labeled "Uncle Jack and Aunt Annie" and a few photos that I have there some from my personal collection, some donated by Aiken family members and some donated to my hopefully growing photos of Victor Cleansing Co.

Steve inquired about Uncle Jack (who was my uncle and godparent with his wife Annie) and if I knew anything about this family named Crompton. [Remember this is NOT a blood relationship, it is Jack's wife who is my father's sister.]

What a December collaboration we have had! I have learned so much and I'd like to share the process and why it is meaningful to me over a few blog posts.

Remember, it starts with this gravestone....

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