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Backyard with Cemetery

Backyard with Cemetery
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Carnival of Genealogy - 64th Edition, 'Walking In A Winter Wonderland"

After my father died, I tried to keep my mother busy with "sorting" the family photographs. For her January 7th birthday, I bought her a laminated cardboard box designed for photographs and a box of envelopes. Being artsy, my mother was not known for her organization skills but she did what she could and I am still marveling at the results of her photograph dating, labeling and sorting skills!

One envelope is filled with snowstorm photos! As New Englanders, we are always impressed with the amount, type (fluffy or wet) and depth of our snowfall. I think it makes us look more sane for having endured here for as much as 10 generations. Well, maybe not.

Today, I set up my scanner and chose some to scan. This shot is of the backyard at my grandparent's house. (This is the front yard.) Just beyond the birdbath is a fence. See it? Behind that fence is a very large cemetery. I looked it up today and it is called Oakland Cemetery and it is 4 acres in size. I have never been in it but I used to ask if we could walk around and look at the stones. What a wierd kid I was!

If you are good at Google Maps, you can find it by searching for the cemetery name in Cranston, Rhode Island. If you zoom( in satellite view) in you can clearly see the gravestones in a birds-eye view.

I am not a big fan of snow. Just to prove I can shovel, look at me in my parent's yard pretending I am working to help clear the driveway area. Right. Is it spring, yet?

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Dorene from Ohio said...

Your winter photos are delightful!