Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Grave Resolution

Pilgrim Path
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As it is January 1, 2009, I realize that most people are busy trying to make and keep resolutions, which is something I seldom get involved with!

But, still the catchy title of "A Grave Resolution" is something I could not pass up. This blog, which I started as a way to organize my gravestone research is not very sequential and that is on purpose. I wanted to try to keep from getting "blog-boredom" and only write about the gravestones I felt like writing about at that moment or about ones in which there is little known. I always hope to find connections to other people related to that gravestone.

As I have gone along, I realize that posting photos of people in my family and linking their photos to their gravestones is of interest to those who read this. I have several books about gravestone types and belong to the AGS but I still have questions about types of gravestones and which periods of time correspond to them.

I chose this photo because it is the path that I walked down instinctively as a child and then watched my daughter do the same thing as a teenager. I think it is draw of the water. I didn't know this was called Pilgrim Path which I think is appropriate as I am a Mayflower Descendant.

I am going to try in the next month to post photos with more information about them. My cousin Fred Burdick, a gravestone expert and town historian is going to allow me to post some of his photographs. His shots are far superior to mine! He lives in Stonington and since he grew up there he knows more. This way, I can focus better on my Rhode Island ancestors. 2009 is the year of collaboration.

Interestingly, Fred bought and restored a mausoleum on Pilgrim Path. It doesn't show in this photo but I do think he will be in good company when the time comes. Some things are meant to be.

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