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Desire DENISON was one of my 6th great grandmothers. She is buried at the Whitehall Burying Ground #21, in Stonington [Mystic], Connecticut.

This photograph by Fred Burdick, and used with this permission, is one of a collection of photographs of the cemetery, which he has completely photographed and researched and sells with his collection of other historical cemeteries of Stonington. Please contact me if you would like to purchase that CD and I will forward your request to Fred.

His photograph is far superior to mine and he lives locally so if he is not happy with a photograph, he hops in his car and returns to retake it.

This gravestone, which is blue-gray slate, seems unchanged by time. I wish all gravestone of this composition and time period were this lovely! We all would have excellent records for our genealogical work. The gravestone's condition would have to be rated as exceptionally excellent. The carvings are unblemished and the wording is simple and clear. It is a fine example of work and probably was expensive. I don't think we think about how much slate stones must have cost. It will be 272 years old in August of 2009!

"Here Lyes Buried/ The Body of Mrs/ Desire Williams Wife/ To Capt. John Williams/ Decd Augt ye 13. 1737./ In ye 44th Year of her Age."

The winged soul effigy or death head with the two hourglasses were meant to remind us who look at it that life is fleeting and we should think carefully about the time we have been given.

I have chosen this stone to begin a more in-depth study of the gravestones I have found that are in my direct line ancestry.


Velda said...

What an *incredible* stone.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

I was pleased to see this wonderful example of a death head with hourglasses. I have not personally seen this but have read about these symbols.

Now that I'm more aware of differences found in cemeteries, I'm sure I'll run across one in my Graveyard hopping.

Good post.