Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Zinc Gravestone

Zinc Gravestone
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This gravestone of a Civil War solider buried in the Old Packer Burrows Burying Ground in Groton, CT is metal. Notice that it has been set into a granite base probably for stability.

Called "white bronze", these types of gravestones are really cast zinc. Zinc is not magnetic like iron so you can tell if you have found one by trying to get a magnet to stick to it. (I must put a magnet in my gravestone bag!)

These types of gravestones have an interesting history and a short period of time of manufacture. When I spot one in a cemetery, I am always drawn to them. The AGS has a wonderful article about them.

I have found some of these in the Stewart Cemetery, River Bend Cemetery and locally in Beaver Cemetery in my next town.


Robert Grandchamp said...

These zinc markers were actually banned from being used on battlefields because at Gettysburg the 4th Ohio's monument literally fell apart after being struck by lightning- most are actually Westerly granite

HookMan said...

Thanks for the interesting information, Robert!