Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kindle on iPod touch

Kindle on iPod touch
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After learning that the app for Amazon's Kindle was released for the iPod Phone/touch today, I downloaded the free app to my iPod touch. Since I already has a regular Amazon account, I entered my username and password to the app on my iPod touch.

I leapt up, and went to my desktop computer, launched Amazon and went to the Kindle page. I did a search for genealogy and came up with a book on genealogy for $7.99. I purchased it and it was immediately and wirelessly sent to my iPod touch.

I waited for the iPod touch to locate my wireless network in my house and launched the app for the Amazon Kindle and as this book is only 54KB in size, it quickly downloaded to my iPod touch.

This is what the Home screen looks like on the iPod touch. I tap on the book and it opens, ready to be read. Wow, was that easy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad to know about this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I did almost exactly what you did only my book was an Agatha Christie mystery. I'm looking forward to yet another option for reading on my iPod. I think Project Gutenberg will still be my first stop for books, but Agatha isn't in the public domain yet, so . . .

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know where you got the Kindle ipod application, from Amazon or Itunes store?
Also how big was the type? I found that the type size of web pages on the ipod is less than 6 pts. and I can't read it. I know you can adjust type size on regular Kindle, but can you on Ipod?

Palouse SpanishASP said...

So...It sounds like you don't have to own Kindle at all! I am wondering if it is frustrating reading a book on a relatively little screen...your thoughts? What is the font of the type? Also what generation of ipod touch do you have and how many GigaBites does your ipod touch have? I wonder if "generation" and GB's makes a difference? Thanks for your thoughts!

Midge Frazel said...

I have a 32 GB iPod touch 2g which I have had for almost a year and still have plenty of room left. You can find one that is less GB and try it out. Still the amount of music you have on an iPod is the space hungry GB eating problem. My books downloaded from Audible and the Kindle and eReader books are quite small.

I don't mind the small screen as you can enlarge the font quite a bit. I am a fast reader.

If you are a Windows user you can have the Kindle app for your desktop or laptop and there are free books so you can try it out. I am thinking of putting it on my netbook for reading on the go.