Sunday, May 03, 2009

David Gurney and his wives

My friend, facebook buddy, and fellow genealogist, Marian, told me recently that she had some ancestors buried "near me". I followed up on that and found them buried in the next town which is West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

In the Old Graveyard in West Bridgewater, on South Street (near Cross St.) is this ancient burying ground which David Allen Lambert's Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries (2nd ed. 2009) says is dated 1683 on p. 269.

Williams Latham made a plan, index and transcription of this burying ground, whose book content is in the public domain, and is posted by Dale Cook and his team to the Web. It's a good thing, too because I can't really read all three of these stones completely.

Placement of them and some of the wording is the best I can see. I so wish they were clearer but at least she now knows exactly where they are resting.

Cap't David GURNEY
Molly AMES

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