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Revolutionary War Patriot

Cuff ASHPORT [Close up]
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This is the humble grave of Cuff ASHPORT who was also known as Cuff MITCHELL. He is the only person of color buried in this the oldest cemetery (Old Parish Cemetery) in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. [graveyard established in 1717]

According to the research done for his grave listing at Find a Grave, Cuff bought his freedom from Nathan Mitchell in 1775 and enlisted to fight in the Revolution.

He was married and had children and his wife collected his pension. The document is many pages long with many depositions as to his service, his character and to his service in the Revolution.

His grave, now weathered and unreadable, simply said, "Cuff Ashford, 1827. " He was almost 81 when he died.

This is a Patriot of our country and we should be proud of him!

Update! I posted this to Find a Grave and the person who posted all the information about him was delighted. How nice it is to see that!

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Julie Cahill Tarr said...

What an interesting story! Thanks for sharing.