Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watch Hill Bracelet

Watch Hill Bracelet
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Smile For The Camera, 16th Edition: "Bling, ancestor Bling"

Charming. That's my favorite word for this bracelet bought for my mother when she was a little girl of 10, probably by her doting grandfather, Charles Edward Stewart, about 1926.

It may not be "bling" quality and I am sure it was not expensive but it is real gold and has coral charms. It was bought at one of the "New York" trendy shops along the waterfront of Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

My mother used to let me wear it on special occasions in the summertime and I let my daughter play with it when she played dress-up. It still fits both of us. I hope that it will be kept and worn by next generations. When I see it in my jewelry box, I can't help but smile.

I photographed it on top of a book that I bought just a few years ago in a book shop at Watch Hill. I bought it for my graduate work as it features scientific explanations and economic data of the "Great Gale" hurricane of 1938 in Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut. The book is filled with disaster photos and features the front page of the newspaper "The Westerly Sun" for the awful day of Friday, September 23, 1938. This is my digital story of Watch Hil, Rhode Island.

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