Friday, November 06, 2009

In the News

Graveyard Rabbits: In the News [December 2009]

Article in local newspaper about a woman, a "ghost hunter", in East Bridgewater, MA leads me to another gravestone photographer. Who knew? I hope that she and I can get together and compare notes on local cemeteries. I located her on Face book and we have been exchanging a few messages.

Westerly's Villages are a Window to the Past [] mentions the fine monuments in the River Bend Cemetery in Westerly, RI where many generations of my family are buried. It even mentions the tiny village of Bradford where my paternal grandparents lived. Since I used to go to Bradford when I was little I remember these mill houses clearly. The Bradford Dye Association is the local mill now. They dye cloth for the military. Many members of my family that mined the quarry also worked a second job in the various textile mills in Rhode Island.

That's all the news for today!

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