Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Morgan-BURROWS

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This hefty granite gravestone has been in my collection since 30 May 2007 and somehow it got missed the day I posted the graves from the large Denison plot at Elm Grove Cemetery. I always worry that I will miss a photo!

Yesterday, while looking for a gravestone of the sea-faring Holmes family in this folder of photos, I said," Wait, isn't that a Burrows grave?" and put in in the center of my desktop to look up and thought it would make a great Tombstone Tuesday post.

Lydia BURROWS was the daughter of John Burrows and his wife Roxanna BROWN who are buried nearby. Daniel MORGAN was a postmaster. Daniel must be part of the seafaring MORGAN family, I think.

Off to put this information in my database and see what kind of information I can find!


JamaGenie said...

Ooooops... But at least you found it! ;D

Hanna said...

Would Lydia have been related to the Burrows of the Mystic Seaport's Burrows house? If so, how? A friend of mine roleplays at the seaport as a fictional granddaughter of Mrs. Burrows whom I believe lived in the aforementioned house. It'd be fun to give her a real Burrows relative to research and perhaps portray in the future.

Midge Frazel said...

Most likely the lydia Burrows that is the person role-played about is buried in the Burrows cemetery in Groton. I think that they spend a lot of time researching before they do any role playing and if I am correct, I may know the person who does that.

Hanna said...

The adult staff roleplayers generally have done a good deal of research about their characters, but some of the junior roleplayers and those only involved in Lantern Light Tours get by with much less work. That said, not all characters are based on real past residents of Mystic.

Speaking of which, maybe you can help me. Another friend is seeking out the grave of Captain Williams (I don't know his first name off the top of my head) as the character she plays is based on his wife. Since my grandfather was the caretaker of Elm Grove for 50 years I took it upon myself to help her, but my father didn't have very specific advice besides "ask the people working there now." Do you know who best to ask or what best way to go about asking? Thanks!

Midge Frazel said...

So, Hanna, you must be the granddaughter of Jim Davis. How about you email me and I will help you find Cap't Williams?