Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cemeteries in the News 18 Nov 2009

News Worth Reading

Massachusetts Police Charge 4 with Vandalism [AP News] 16 Nov 2009

The teens who vandalized a cemetery in Kingston, MA, not too far from my home, have been arrested. The one who is age 17 got his photo in the paper. Because, they toppled over only the graves of Vet's on Vet's Day, there has been a public outcry. Even the local high school asked for "information" on who did it and they got student responses. [Article]

A Race Against Time to Save History by Brian MacQuarrie [] 15 Nov 2009

An article about our Cape Cod gravestones crumbling in front of the eyes of their ancestors. Robert Carlson, long know for his work with gravestones, speaks out about neglect. [Article]

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JamaGenie said...

The 17-year-old is out on bail? No way! 300 hours of Community Service at a VA hospital would've been more fitting.