Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pilgrim's Pride

Because of where I currently live, I am always up for finding the memorial stone for the "Pilgrims" that seem to be scattered all over Plymouth County. It's a fun project. If you know of any others, please let me know. Remember, these are memorial gravestones not the ones put there when they died.

These are the ones I have located so far (please feel free to add them to your collection.)

George Soule
John Howland
Elizabeth Tilley (his wife)
John Alden
Priscilla Mullins (his wife)
Myles Standish

I had a great comment to this post. John Howland is buried on his own land in Duxbury but that resting place is not marked. The memorial stone is in Burial Hill in Plymouth but as it is a memorial stone it doesn't mark a grave. Elizabeth Tilley's memorial gravestone is in the Ancient Burial Ground RI Cemetery #5 in East Providence, RI (which once was Swansea, MA). She may be buried with the Brown family, but that I don't know. The stone is a memorial gravestone.

When John Howland died, his wife Elizabeth went to live with her daughter who married a Brown and died there.


Barbara Poole said...

Your pictures are better than those on FindAGrave. I would love to visit that cemetery, didn't know about their markers. I posted on of their dau. Elisabeth who is buried in Little Compton, RI recently on Tues. Tombstones. Thanks for the heads up.

mcnairy said...

Are John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley Howland buried in the same cemetery? Thank you for sharing your passion for cemeteries with us.

Heather Rojo said...

Richard More is buried in Salem, and his grave is the only one with a real gravestone (the others were all erected later by descendants who didn't know "exactly" where the body was located- More's was erected at the time of his burial over his actual grave)