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Tombstone Tuesday: Bill Broadfoot

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Tombstone Tuesday 24 Nov 2009

This is the headstone for my paternal uncle, William B. Broadfoot, who lies resting as the undefeated croquet champion of our family, in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Hopkinton, Washington, RI.

He is listed with his parents in the 1920 and 1930 census.

Uncle Bill, my father's brother and youngest sibling, was born 23 Aug 1919 in Westerly, Washington, RI. He was epileptic and was not expected to live. But, he did and although disabled lived until the age of 71 with the loving care of his wife Hannah (who is still living). He and Hannah did not have children of their own so they were doting on us, my two first cousins and myself.

When I interviewed the family, I discovered that Uncle Bill and Aunt Hannah were married on 30 June 1951 in Preston City, CT. and shortly after that were involved in a car accident which left Uncle Bill even more disabled. However, he was always one to smile and joke and he managed to play croquet at family outings. His hair was red and he did resemble my Dad.

Uncle Bill died with my father present in the Westerly Hospital. He is buried with his wife's family. I am thankful for the kindness of my friend Scott Bill Hirst who took these photos for me.

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