Thursday, November 19, 2009

William Bradford

Bradford Plot
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One of the most visited graves on Burial Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts is the memorial gravestone for Governor William Bradford.

Jim Baker, a noted Mayflower historian, has written a fine book, "A Guide to Historic Plymouth". My favorite chapter is Plymouth Walking Tour 2: Burial Hill (p. 80-89).

This obelisk style memorial was erected in 1825. It may or may not mark any actual burial of Bradford's remains as it is not known where he was laid to rest in 1657. His son, Major William Bradford, wished to be buried by his father's side and this is where he was laid to rest in 1704 so perhaps the tradition is correct. No one knows.

Plymouth is not too far from my home and we often go here and take photos. It is on a very steep hill and you must pay attention to your feet while you are looking at graves. (Jack and Jill tumbling down the hill). It overlooks Plymouth Harbor and it is freezing there when it is windy. You have to have sympathy for those who came here under less than ideal weather.

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