Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog Caroling 2009

O Come, All Ye Faithful
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footnoteMaven, has asked us to blog about our experiences of Christmas Caroling by participating in "blog caroling", so digging out my pitch pipe, I went in search of my little book of Christmas Carols given to me either by my childhood church or elementary school.

It's a charming little book distributed by John Hancock Insurance Company (which makes me think it was given to local churches by a local insurance salesman). There 's no copyright notice and the carols themselves are traditional. Some are dated by the lyrics and music creator. I was amazed at the dates on them and tried to think about my ancestors born/died in those years.

However, this carol, struck a chord with me. In my senior year of high school, I took first year Latin. The teacher was a mentor teacher with many years of experience having studied "the classics" at Brown University. Teaching was her life. She had us learn the words in Latin and much to the annoyance of the classrooms around us (so noisy) she had us practice. She was a great teacher. She told me that going to "teacher's college" was a waste of time and to prove her point made me take over the class for a week. Alas, she was right. I never did teach in the way they planned.

Whenever I hear this carol, I think of her.

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