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Tombstone Tuesday 15 Dec 2009 [Peleg & Hannah]

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John Almeron CHAMPLIN's parents: Peleg E. CHAMPLIN and his wife Hannah BURDICK.

This four sided granite monument in River Bend Cemetery in Westerly, RI can be found in Section 23 quite close to my own ancestors Jabez Champlin GARDINER and his wife Eliza BICKNELL. I have not found out why my ancestor bears the name Champlin for his middle name. When I first discovered Jabez's grave, I made note that the other gravestones very close to his are all of the surname CHAMPLIN (and not Gardiner). I'd love to solve this naming convention mystery.

Peleg Everett CHAMPLIN and his wife Hannah BURDICK are one of my aunt Hannah's set of grandparents. Obviously, Hannah is named for this grandmother. This monument is clearly read and contains the persons buried here exact dates of birth and death.

Peleg was born 22 March 1872 in Westerly, Rhode Island. The RI Vital Records do not contain any records for him so I turned to the LDS Web site to see what is recorded there. The dates match and his places of birth and death are listed. The 1900 federal census lists this couple and states they were married in 1895. They live on Seventh St. in Providence, RI with their son John A. CHAMPLIN. This census gives month and year of birth which matches the gravestone. John is 4 years old. Peleg died 19 Apr 1930 in Cranston, RI [LDS record]. As of today, I have not found him in the 1920 census.

Hannah BURDICK was born 12 Jan 1872 in Westerly, RI. She is listed as the granddaughter of Mary BURDICK in the 1880 census along with another granddaughter in a household of Mary's single sons. Who were Hannah's parents? Can we assume that both were dead by 1880?

Apparently, John was the only child that Peleg and Hannah had. She died 7 June 1912.

There's still much work to be done on this couple?


Anonymous said...

I have come across your site here whilst researching the Lewis-Family of John Lewis, one of the settlers of Westerly, R.I. Dorcas (Dorcus) Lewis married Robert Burdick, Dorcas being the daughter of Daniel Lewis ( who married Mary Maxson) who is the son of John Lewis II. It is interesting and frustrating at the same time to keep finding the same surnames over and over again but reading books with different stories to them.. reads like alternate realities, I say. But, in all "different books and stories", the people are the same, and so i run across people connected with the Lewis-Family are:

all names come into play by a Lewis marrying someone with the above name. However, i am missing the name of a father in the Lewis-lineage to connect the "more current" lineage with any of the aforementioned stories. Before I ramble on... just wanted you to know that i was perusing your entries and seem to be familiar with lots of the names you list in your side bar. I am waiting on a town clerk (who is going out of her way to help me) to find, what seems almost non-existing, a birth certificate to find the name of Caleb Lewis' father.. may you have a most wonderful day... Liane :-)

Midge Frazel said...


I recently learned that recording a birth, marriage or death in Rhode Island always cost the person recording it a fee. So, being naturally thrifty New Englanders, folks in RI didn't bother to record them! Many of the graves that I have reported on here in my blog are not my direct line ancestors but are somehow related to my lines.

Let's talk more...

lynn said...

I believe that you are mistaken on the 1880 census information. According to Nellie Johnson (Burdick book) Alvina was Mary's daughter and Hannah's mother. The info is pretty cryptic. It doesn't show Alvina as married but, she has two children: Hannah who married Peleg Champlin and Bertha who married Warren Champlin. Bertha and Warren were in Carolina RI in 1937 when the book was published.

Mary (23 Apr 1821 - 16 Dec 1890), whose maiden name was Burdick, was married to Lorenzo Dow Burdick (30 Jul 1822 - 23 Nov 1870).

Lorenzo's great grandfather was Ephraim Burdick who was married to Anna Peckham.

Lynn Macey
San Jose

Midge Frazel said...

Thanks Lynn for your Burdick information. I had not known that there was a Burdick book so I will look into that. Certainly, there are a LOT of Burdick buried at that cemetery.

lynn said...

My cousin, Howard Burdick, has spent a lot of time enterng the information in the book into an online resource. You can find it at: http://www.burdickfamily.org. From the home page, click on access Burdick genealogy. He still has lots to do to make this complete. I plan to update him with Peleg (now that is a name that I have never encountered before) and Hannah's information since it is quite incomplete in the book. The actual book is:

The Descendents of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island.

Best wishes on this holiday season.


Amie Lee said...

I came across your page while doing some research od the state prison. Peleg was shot and killed at Maximum security trying to sound the alarm when a armed suspect pointed his revolver at Officer Mcvays head during an escape attempt. Mcvay was shot and ultimately died from the wound. The escape attempt is connected to the Patriarca crime family.

Midge Frazel said...

Yes. I learned all of that and it is well recorded in the newspapers and the prison knows too.