Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girl Cousins

Sentimental Sunday; 21 March 2010

This ripped snapshot photo is of me (the smaller little girl) with my big girl cousin Kathy enjoying a Popsicle leaning against a car in Bradford, RI on probably Memorial Day a very long time ago.

Kathy is 5 years old than I am and she was always having to babysit me on family occasions. Thanks, Kathy for playing with me.

She hates this photo but I love it. We are first cousins on my paternal side, both wee Scottish girls, as we are descended from the Thomas Broadfoot and Maragret Harcomb in this past week's posts.


Kathy said...

Aren't cousins great!!

Anonymous said...

It is a great photo. Having your cousins in your life is a wonderful thing!

Cheryl Fleming Palmer said...

Such a cute picture!