Monday, March 22, 2010

Wee Scottish Recap

The previous few posts begin to tell the adventure of my paternal ancestor line. With genealogy, like science, there is always questions. The main question so far is how many men in my family were involved with granite work?

Thomas Broadfoot's (1829-1899) father John Broadfoot's (1806-1880) father David ( born abt 1785) is probably as far back as I will get but Thomas Broadfoot and Margaret Harcomb's children are much more significant than I once thought. Two sons came to America and we involved in the stone quarry business in Westerly, RI [post: Back in Scotland] these were brothers Thomas A. Broadfoot and James T. Broadfoot

Westerly City Directories have been a huge help in determining the occupation of these two early Broadfoot men. James is listed as a foreman in the NE Granite Works (1910 and 1914) and Thomas is listed as a stonecutter. (1910) James married a woman born in Barre, VT and I just found out this location has the world's largest granite quarry.

That's Granite in My Blood for Sure!

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