Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Dorothy and the Foliage

Springtime in the Yard
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This slide, found in my grandparents collection, shows my young mother picking flowers from the trees. I wish it was dated but she must be in her early thirties as this is what color her hair was when I was born.

My grandparents employed a team of gardeners to keep the yard looking this lovely. I used to watch them work from the front window in the living room until my grandmother would catch me. They always knelt in a circle and prayed before they began. No one every explained that.

I thought that it must be a thanks for their talent with nature. For some reason, it annoyed my grandmother to see them praying. I think she was worried what the neighbors would think.

At my grandmother's graveside service, I though of it but still didn't dare ask my mother. Some things are always a mystery and maybe left up to God to explain. After all, it IS Sentimental Sunday.

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