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William Dension
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William DENISON, (William2, George1), the grandson of Capt. George Denison was born 24 March 1686/7 in Stonington, New London, CT and died at Stonington at age 38 24 Feb 1724/5. He was the husband of Mercy GALLUP. They were married, probably on Denison land near where the Denison Homestead land is now.

On the eve of his brother George DENISON's marriage to Lucy GALLUP (sister to William's wife Mercy), the "mansion hous" where Capt. George DENISON and his wife Lady Ann BORODELL built and lived, burned. This was 5 Jun 1717. The wedding took place and George and Lucy rebuilt the house.  It stands today.

As William and his brother George married GALLUP sisters Lucy and Mercy, this was probably a close-knit young generation. William and Mercy, who died within a few weeks of each other, probably of smallpox, they probably left their children who were not already married in the care of William's brother, George.

William and Mercy's oldest child, named Mercy married Hubbard BURROWS in 1730
The second child, Sarah married James MASON in 1738
The third child, Esther (my ancestor), married Jonathan WHEELER in 1731/2
The fourth child William, married Prudence DENISON in 1737
The fifth child Hannah died as a young child
The sixth child Benadam married (first) Anna SWAN in 1742
The seventh child Jonathan (may have been called Nathan) Martha Williams married in the 1740s and had no children.

This is a continuing story of research since I just learned that there is more information about Denison family members that would fit in the present Denison genealogy.

William is buried next to his wife at the Dension Burying Ground #19 in Mystic, New London, CT.

"Here lies ye body of William Denison, who died Feb. ye 24, 1724-5  ages 38 years."

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