Monday, July 05, 2010

Teaching Cemetery Work

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I love teaching others to use technology and to do "cemetery work". This is my friend Ragen, who is an educator and is the most successful student I have ever had. Ragen is what you call "a quick study". We used to team teach students in a junior high when we called it "Learning to Use the Computer"

Last July 4th we went to the oldest cemetery in Bridgewater where I have ancestors buried. Despite the noisy parade, we managed to take a lot of photos and have fun. This link is my friend Ragen sitting on the ground to read the gravestone of Thomas PERKINS.

She went in search of her own ancestors after only one lesson and was rewarded with the gravestone of her immigrant ancestor. Behind his gravestone, placed by descendants, was his original gravestone. It was a carved fieldstone. I was so excited for her! Good thing, I taught her to look all around the stone. I was yelling over the noise of the bands.

Today, we went to a small 19th century cemetery near my home. Since it was as silent as the dead, I could spend more time teaching her what to look for. She is going to a family reunion and is planning a trip back to the location where her ancestors lived.

The huge yellow bag she is carrying is to help her keep her cemetery "stuff" organized.

I have been thinking about the luncheon that I am helping with at NERGC and what I am going to prepare as a handout for the people who sit at my table.

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