Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Indian Attack!

Story of Susanna Eastman
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This is the story as it appears in the History of Haverhill and is repeated in Judge Wheeler's History of Stonington,

I had to copy and paste this together from the History  of Haverhill, MA at Google books so I could show the footnote at the bottom of the page that clearly says it is ORAL HISTORY. Judge Wheeler cited it from this source but didn't say that this was oral history! I was glad I went looking for the original story.

I will leave you to read this story and wonder at the power of a woman who had previously lost a husband and a child to an Indian attack. Armed with a baking spit (think a javelin), I certainly would not want to get in her way. I loved that a man called Capt. was described as a "timid" man!

Even if it is an embellished story, still we should marvel at this woman nearly living to her 100th birthday.

The stories of the gravestones are not always factual but they sure are a learning experience! I would not have wanted to live in this time period and I am glad I found and photographed these gravestones!


Carmen Johnson said...

Midge...is Susanna Eastaman an ancestor of yours...I descend through her son Nathanial Swan. I think it is one my favorite stories about a "scrappy" pioneer woman!

eastmanjim@verizon.net said...

There is more to the story of this remarkable woman. Her first husband and their only child, a three year old also named Susanna, were killed in an Indian raid on March 15, 1697. Susanna was captured and forced to walk to Canada. She remained in captivity until January 17, 1699, when she was released in a prisoner swap at Casco Bay.She returned to Boston aboard the "Province Galley."