Friday, August 27, 2010

Denison-Gallup Family Reunion

Combining family reunions often draws a larger turnout as was the case on 21 Aug 2010. This tent was in the field near the Denison Homestead.

The luncheon was delicious and the two families got along very nicely. There was laughter and much conversation. I met the genealogist for the Gallup Family and talked to her for a while. I shared some photos of Joan Gallop and Thomas Joy's memorial gravestones which are in the Old Ship Meetinghouse churchyard in Hingham, MA. She was delighted.

It was to celebrate the first union of the Gallup family and the Denison family. Many marriages took place after this first wedding and made both families stronger neighbors and defined their posterity as wealthy landowners in Mystic, CT.

I am a life member of both societies.

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