Thursday, September 23, 2010

See the Hill?

See the Hill?
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OK, so I can't resist. I took this photo to see if there was a hill in Hillside Cemetery. Guess so.

A few years ago I went to the Central Cemetery in East Bridgewater with Margaret Alexander. She and her late husband were the caretakers of the cemetery. I learned a lot from her about what work it is EVERY DAY to be in charge of a cemetery. Rain, shine, sleet and snow, one of them drove through the cemetery to check for signs of vandalism. I put this job on my lists of ones I don't want. After her husband died, Margaret did this job. She is a very sharp lady who must be over 80. It made me stop complaining about climbing the hills in the cemetery. Well, maybe I complain less.

Margaret told me that cemetery ground was often hilly and rocky because it was not good for farming so the towns took it for the specific intent of burying people instead of planting crops.

I guess that's my cemetery humor for this week.

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