Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hillside Cemetery Sign

Cemetery Sign
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One of the first things to do when visiting a local cemetery is to see if there is a sign. This one is exceptional. It is called a kiosk.

I wasn't surprised to see it because the Lower Village Cemetery here in Stow has one too. This one is newer and the wooden housing must be tighter and it doesn't show signs of water damage to the paper.

I visited the Town of Stow Web site and looked at the information given there for the cemetery department. I went grocery shopping soon after looking at the cemetery superintendent's name and much to my surprise, the Town "cemetery truck" drove right by where I was standing. I will bet that the man driving the truck was the man listed on the Town page.

I almost shouted out to him to stop but I am still a newbie to this town so I remembered my manners! Don't want to get in trouble until I have lived here a month.

I visited the town library's Web site and discovered that the cemetery records for Hillside Cemetery are held there. You can't take them out on loan but they are available for study at the library.

The Vital records of Stow are not online as yet at NEHGS but I did find this Web site that does list some of the families. I don't know how accurate this is. I trust NEHGS more but I guess that's another trip I would have to make.

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