Monday, November 22, 2010

Dorothy Merrow DUNBAR

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This cute little girl and her decorated doll carriage is my husband's first cousin once removed. She lives in the next town over from us! We have contacted her and told her that we live here, that my mother-in-law has passed away and that we would like to visit her soon. She no longer drives but she can't be far away and because of her age, I am going to try for a few short visits.

We will be going to visit her to see if she can help us with his family information and with the photos that we have inherited. I started working last Friday to scan the photos and newspaper clippings that were marked with her name.

I have scanned them, backed them up to Flickr, backed them up to an external USB hard drive, placed them in archival safe photo envelopes and put those in a clean envelope to give to her. Feeling comfortable with my plan, I posted then to my tree at and then and only then, did I erase the scans from my laptop's hard drive.

I put a fluorescent dot on the outside of the envelope to indicate to myself that these photos are scanned and ready to be given to her for her children and grandchildren.

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