Monday, November 22, 2010

Midge and Eleanor

Midge and Eleanor
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This morning, we traveled 10 minutes away from our new home to meet with Eleanor Merrow Dunbar Sargent to have her help us with my husband's family photos and his genealogy.

We were there for two hours and I can't wait to go back. Her granddaughter and niece met us there at her house. She told me on the phone that her mother proclaimed her the keeper of the records and that she had a big book of family photographs and a Merrow genealogy.

She is the youngest of her brothers and sisters and is as "sharp as a tack". I am exhausted as I write this...

I wanted you to see her telling me, "Don't forget to label the back of this photo!" See me laughing? Eleanor and I are not related and she wants me to tell you that I need to make sure that this photo is "right"!

Every family should be this lucky to have Eleanor. She has kept and labeled everything. I had pen and pencil, Flip-Pal scanner, photos she looked at and confirmed, charts and my digital camera. She kept up with it all.

This is going to be quite a story.

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