Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu
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This is a Christmas menu lovingly saved by my husband's grandmother, Linda Hyde Frazel. I put a border around it to make it look more festive!

The wonderful surprise is the inside. It not only lists the food they ate but who was in attendance. One person who was serving in the Armed Forces was included but we know he was not there on that date.

My husband and his brothers will find the menu familiar. I always thought the menu my mother-in-law made was from her side of the family but I guess not! More evidence that my father-in-law's mother was a strong influence in his life.

Notice the date. On a manual typewriter there is no numeral 1 so a lowercase l was used. They made a mistake and used an uppercase L.


Liane said...

Good morning Midge ;-) first, thanks for joining my blog ;-) I am really glad to have come across yours some time ago. And please, don't hesitate to send some critique (other than the color of my fond, as I thought of how to change it, but think, to keep the look of the page, it has to be that color. And i sure hope that it doesn't upset too many readers) ;-)

What a neat thing to find. Are you going to re-create the meal for the holidays?

Midge Frazel said...

The meal on Christmas has changed drastically from the ones of both my family and my husband's too. We eat breakfast with my grandson and his parents and then we return home for our own dinner while they go to my son-in-law's family for dinner.

I like surf n turf for dinner. Two turkey meals in a month are too much for me.

This meal listed here is too large for small families here in New England. Life changes...

Denise Levenick said...

Midge, I have seen two or more copies of image as a loose sheet of paper ephemera for sale at a thrift store. I wonder if it was used as a popular menu cover sheet?