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Tombstone Tuesday: Naomi FANCY

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This is the headstone for Naomi FANCY which is to the left of her husband Joseph  David FRAZEL. Naomi died on 15 Feb 1934 at the age of 78 in Marlborough, MA.

As the wife of a laborer and stone mason, Naomi was defined by her duties as wife, mother and grandmother so we must tell the story of the first few years of her married life in Nova Scotia before coming to America.

I had to have help with finding out how many children she gave birth and if they survived or not. Some time back, I was lucky to find a woman, who like me, married into the FRAZEL family but who lives in Nova Scotia. Her name is Alice and she has been a tremendous help, first by email and now as my Facebook friend. She has found the time to travel from her home to the cemetery in Baker Settlement and take photos of the gravestones there. All of her photos are black and white so you will be able to tell her photography from mine.

This is the gravestone she found for me that tell us about the children left behind in Nova Scotia.
As you can see, two unnamed infants are buried here as well as two little girls one named Letitia May who was three years and 3 months old and Wilhilmina who was nine months. By using census records, we also know that another little girl named Olive Fancy Frazel was born to Joseph and Naomi and died at about age 9.  Notice that the surname is spelled FRAUSEL.

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