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Naomi FANCY is still somewhat a mystery woman. Until recently, we didn't even know what she looked like or even for sure that Naomi was her first name!

In the jumble of photographs left by my husband's family was this great photo. I immediately separated it from the others because I liked the pose, the chair and what she was wearing. I examined it for a few minutes before turning it over.

Naomi was the wife of Joseph David FRAZEL. She was a daughter of John Levi Michael FANCY and his first wife Lucy BOLIVAR. She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on 11 Dec 1855.

This date, December 11, is the birthdate of my daughter and is part of the week in which I am writing this.

Family lore tells us that she may be partly Canadian Indian. I have no idea how we are going to determine the truth in this legend. But, I think it is significant to show you this photo before showing her headstone.

The back of this photo simply states:
28 July 1913
58 Y, 7 M and 11 days
Dec 11 1913 58 years

It doesn't give her name. In fact, none of the photos give her name as she is just listed as "Gramma".

We do know that she can be found in the 1871 Canadian census as 16 and living with her parents and her siblings in Bridgewater, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Three years later on 7 May 1874 at the age of 18, she married Joseph David FRAZEL at Pleasant River.

Naomi's mother, Lucy died in 1901, and her father remarried. Naomi and Joseph were already living in Marlborough, MA at that time, having come to America in 1892.

What Naomi left behind and what was to come in America is part of her story...

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Great photo and story. I can see why you're drawn to her.